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"Now Anyone Can
Learn to Pole Dance
Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars on Private Lessons or Classes..."

Champion Instructor Noelle Wood's 'Pole Dancing
Video Course' can teach you all the moves and routines,
step-by-step, from beginner through super-advanced
just like your own personal pole dancing coach.


Memo From: Noelle Wood

Noelle Wood  

All around the globe, women have a strong magnetic attraction to pole dancing.

So why are so many of us obsessed with this sensual form of dance and fighting for acceptance of our sport? Perhaps for the first time we now have true permission to play and focus solely on ourselves, if only for an hour or two each day.

We can truly escape to our poles whether they are in our garages, homes or in a studio and unleash a unique sexy passionate persona. We are finally allowed to express and explore our sensuality and beautiful curvy bodies regardless of age and size and begin to understand that each of us is a secret vixen.

When we come together to dance, we cheer each other on and celebrate each womanís gorgeous shape and ability!

Pole dancing is the ultimate workout and the world is finally catching on! What other workout challenges any of us to climb repeatedly, flip upside down, spin and perform flawless aerial transitions? Where else can we explore artistic expression and play with music and costumes?

Iíve never once seen anyone dressed in sequins, feathers or a bra and panties on a treadmill or lifting weights attempting to look flawless. While challenging our strength, fighting for one more invert and drying our hands off for one more twirl, we are having a blast! We look forward to our workouts and canít wait to get back on the pole to perfect that next trick!

Pole dancing is an amazing journey where we try to defy gravity every time we climb. Most importantly, all of us are working to educate mainstream society about this athletic and beautiful sport.

We donít dance to please men.

We are not strippers.

We arenít going to apologize for expressing our curves and sexuality.

Pole dancing empowers and liberates each of us as we build our muscles and routines. We are trying to perform on stages around the world to show our passion and influence others to join us and applaud us for our efforts.

Iím proud to be part of this movement and hope many more women will join me by spinning around a pole.

Donít be afraid to begin! We all start one climb at a time.....


- Noelle Wood

Watch Noelle In Action...
Do You Want to Learn How to Pole Dance Like This?

Learn these moves and many more inside Noelle's online Pole Dancing Video Course.

Pole Dancing Video Course Bundle

5 Levels from Beginner to Advanced - 65 Individual Video Lessons
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the entire course is delivered digitally online. No waiting, start learning today!
Watch the videos on your computer or download them to your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

You will not receive anything in the mail -- instead, you'll have permanent access to all of the course content within a special "members-only" website that you will have immediate access to the minute you purchase the course.

Meet Noelle and Learn What's in the Course...


This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to pole dance or to improve their skills. Here are all of the awesome pole dancing moves you can learn in the individual video lessons inside Noelle's Pole Dancing Video Course, from rank beginner all the way through performance expert:


Level 1
1.1 – Welcome Video
1.2 – Fireman Twirl
1.3 – Front Hook
1.4 – Snake Inversion
1.5 – Level 1 Routine

Level 2
2.1 – Welcome Video
2.2 – Twirls
2.3 – Hook
2.4 – Level 2 Routine

Level 3
3.1 – Firefly Pushup
3.2 – Floating Altitude
3.3 – Cross Leg Chair
3.4 – Boomerang
3.5 – Tinkerbell
3.6 – Peter Pan
3.7 – Boomerang to Firefly
3.8 – Side Climb
3.9 – Scorpio / Gemini
3.10 – Bat
3.11 – Handstand

Levels 1, 2 and 3 are just
the beginning...
check out the advanced
moves in the Level 4 and
Level 5 videos listed in
the right column.


Level 4
4.1 – One Handed Chair
4.2 – Pushup Twirl
4.3 – Pirouettes
4.4 – Combo Twirls 1
4.5 – Combo Twirls 2
4.6 – Firefly Twirl
4.7 – Fireman Twirl
4.8 – Legless Climb
4.9 – Cross Knee Release
4.10 – Cross Ankle Release
4.11 – Cross Ankle Situps
4.12 – Bow and Arrow
4.13 – Pencil
4.14 – Pencil Straddle
4.15 – Pencil Split
4.16 – Iguana
4.17 – Full Iguana
4.18 – Iguana Straddle
4.19 – Laybacks
4.20 – Full Layback
4.21 – Crescent Moon
4.22 – Wrist Seat
4.23 – Full Handstand
4.24 – Superman Pose
4.25 – Floor Splits

Level 5
5.1 – Flying Angel Twirl
5.2 – Corkscrew
5.3 – Superman Twirl
5.4 – Spinning Pole: Chair
5.5 – Spinning Pole: Helicopter
5.6 – Spinning Pole: Scorpio
5.7 – Spinning Pole: Gemini
5.8 – Spinning Pole: Serpent
5.9 – Caterpillar
5.10 – Reverse Climb Prep
5.11 – Reverse Climb
5.12 – Shoulder Mount
5.13 – Brass Monkey
5.14 – Leg Switch
5.15 – Pole Splits
5.16 – Cupid & Princess
5.17 – Bicep Hold
5.18 – Figurehead


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